About Us

Established in 2020, Night Shift Industries brings premium quality apparel & accessories to automotive enthusiasts around the globe.

Night Shift Industries isn't just a brand...it's a community.

The Journey

My journey began in 2003 when I picked up my first 'Max Power' magazine.  An interest was sparked and so began the journey towards Night Shift Industries!

Gaining my driving license a matter of weeks after my 17th birthday, it wasn't long before I started 'tinkering' with cars.  First the small changes; alloys, exhaust and mirrored window tints (as much as I would like to forget them).  Not too long after followed bigger changes; the lowering springs, the coilovers and the performance upgrades.

Being keen to show off my handywork I quickly became involved in the thriving cruise and show scene.  I didn't know it at the time, but it would be at those cruises and shows that I would meet some of my lifelong friends (and even my wife!)

As the years progressed many cars came and went, some of which I'd rather forget about!  What remained was the satisfaction of enhancing and improving each one, with my own hands.  

The friends remained too; sharing the crazy stories, laughs and many late nights!  As my taste in cars and modification evolved I became embedded within the thriving VW scene, gaining an appreciation and passion for the brand.  

The VW scene is one of the most relaxed and accepting communities I've ever come across and I always wanted to do something to give back and feed into that positive side of the automotive community.  Which led me to...

Night Shift Industries

Night Shift Industries exists to unite the community of people who 'work the nightshift' on their projects, building their dreams.  Whether it be an aircooled VW or flame spitting drift missile, if you build it yourself you'll be at home here.

If anything makes the build more enjoyable it's doing it with friends.  Night Shift Industries is a community of friends with the same passion.  

We don't build cars for recognition or praise.  Instead, we plough hours into our projects simply for the love of the build.  We are obsessed with quality in all we do.

The focus that unites us is reflected in all the products we produce here at Night Shift Industries.  We use premium materials and processes across our range and remain obsessed with quality.  We treat our products like our cars...

Welcome to the crew!